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Voucher Scheme

What is the Voucher Scheme about ?

Are you also interested in buying limited edition aviation art prints ? If so you will be pleased to know that whenever you buy a book from this site you will receive a voucher that entitles you to a discount on print orders from our sister web site:

aviation-art-world.com - a wide selection of limited edition prints, including many rare items, from leading aviation artists such as Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian and Anthony Saunders.

Please note: The vouchers are only valid for print orders from aviation-art-world.com - they are not valid against future book orders.

How does it work ?

You will notice that included with the general information we provide on each book there is an item called Voucher Value. The value of the vouchers varies from 10 to 30 depending on the item purchased. When we have processed your order we will send your unique voucher number. When you make a purchase from the above web site you can reclaim your value as a reduction in price. If you order online you will see a place to enter your code as you check out. If you order over the phone just give us your number then.

Are there restrictions ?

A couple: only one voucher can be used against one order and there are minimum order levels for the vouchers to be valid:

10 voucher - minimum print order value 50
15 voucher - minimum print order value 80
20 voucher - minimum print order value 110
30 voucher - minimum print order value 135

You will be reminded of these amounts when we issue your voucher and they may change from time to time.

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