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Robert Taylor - Air Combat Paintings Volume VI

Robert Taylor

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap by Robert Taylor

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Robert Taylor profile

This latest volume featuring the work of the world’s leading aviation artist, Robert Taylor, focusses on paintings produced mainly between 2005 and 2009. As with previous books each chapter revolves around a major painting with the artist describing the story behind it and how the image was created. The large colour pictures of the artwork are supplemented by plates showing detail areas as well as drawings and other paintings relevant to the main theme. As ever the quality is exceptional throughout; it will be another welcome addition to the growing series of books featuring Robert Taylor’s fine paintings.

This is the second of Robert’s books to be published in-house by Griffon International (the Military Gallery’s parent company). The layout, style and quality has been kept consistent with the previous volumes.  The book has been produced with the option of two different covers; an RAF version featuring the painting Dambusters - The Impossible Mission and a USAAF version featuring The Wolf Pack.

Into the Teeth of the Wind

Into the Teeth of the Wind by Robert Taylor

The Road to the Rhine

The Road to the Rhine by Robert Taylor

The book’s Foreword is by film director Peter Jackson, who at the time of publication was working on a remake of the famous Dambusters film. This is followed by a short, three page biography of the artist - a subject that has been covered in detail in previous volumes. The following chapters are dedicated to the paintings and are introduced by the artist.

Strike and Strike Again by Robert Taylor

Reviewer’s Pick
Featuring the rugged and powerful Beaufighter
Strike and Strike Again is a superb aircraft study balanced with a background of a Norwegian fjord that is full of extraordinary depth and detail.

RAF cover

Robert Taylor Air Combat Paintings Volume VI RAF cover

USAAF cover

Robert Taylor Air Combat Paintings Volume VI USAAF cover

Air Superiority

Air Superiority by Robert Taylor


Horrido by Robert Taylor

All images copyright Robert Taylor.



Foreword by film director Peter Jackson


24 sections each named by print title


The Artist Within by Robert Taylor



Publishing Information - First Edition

Publisher: Griffon Int.

ISBN: 978-0-954997-02-1

Released: 2009

Size: 14.5 x 11.5 inches

Pages: 128

Colour images: 65

Limited Edition Versions with Prints

Two different limited edition versions of Air Combat Paintings Volume VI were also issued at the time of release in 2009.

RAF and Commonwealth Edition

The book was an RAF-cover version issued with the companion print Normandy Nemesis signed by Lieutenant General Mike Donnet and Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob.

The books of both editions were issued with a blue cloth slip case with the artist’s signature gold blocked on the front cover. The books were signed and numbered inside by the artist. The edition size for each was 600 plus 10 Remarques. The remarques carried a bookplate with the signatures of 15 top aviators of WWII.

USAAF Edition

The book was an USAAF-cover version issued with the companion print Where the Eagles Gathered signed by Colonel Steve Pisanos and Hauptmann Gunther Nordenholz.

Normandy Nemesis by Robert Taylor - rev
Where the Eagles Gathered by Robert Taylor


Limited Edition versions:

Sold out at the publishers although we still have stock of the USAAF edition, go to online store

First edition:

Both versions currently available, go to online store

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