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Gerald Coulson - The masterworks

John Blake

Birth of a Legend

Birth of a Legend by Gerald Coulson

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During the 1970s and early 1980s it was Gerald Coulson’s prints, probably more than any other artist, which succeeded in popularizing the aviation art genre. In recent years he has concentrated mainly on aviation subjects but in 1991 when this book was published he was equally well known for his landscape paintings. This is reflected in the book which contains a good selection of his tranquil landscapes interspersed within the aviation images.

Happy Days

Happy Days by Gerald Coulson

The First Blow

The First Blow by Gerald Coulson

The author John Blake is a senior member of the Guild of Aviation Artists and as such is well qualified to provide the commentary that supports each image. He gives the reader some excellent insights into the approach of the artist, discussing factors such as light, colour and composition.

Mill in the Mist

Mill in the Mist

Thunder and Lightnings

Thunder and Lightnings by Gerald Coulson

After a Foreword by fellow artist David Shepherd and a short introduction by the artist there is a detailed discussion of Gerald Coulson’s career by author John Blake. The colour plates, plus some sketches, follow in no particular order, each supported by narrative from the author. The volume concludes within a section dedicated to the Spitfire, a subject that Coulson has painted many times and includes some classic pictures that most readers will be familiar with.

Off Duty - Lancaster at Rest by Gerald Coulson

Off Duty
Lancaster at Rest

In summary an excellently presented book that is now very hard to find and is much sought after by collectors.

All images copyright Gerald Coulson

Gerald Coulson  - The Masterworks

The Last Patrol

The Last Patrol by Gerald Coulson

Normandy Sunrise

Normandy Sunrise by Gerald Coulson


Overdue by Gerald Coulson



Foreword by David Shepherd OBE


The Plates


Introduction by Gerald Coulson




The Life and Times of Gerald Coulson by John Blake



Publishing Information - First Edition (Hardback)

Publisher:Solomon & Whitehead

ISBN: 0-7153-9869-5

Released: 1991

Size: 12.5 x 11.5 inches

Pages: 96

Colour images: 72


All Editions:

Out of Print, only available on the secondary market.

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