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Aviation Art - Michael Sharpe

Michael Sharpe

The Beginning of the End
William Phillips

The Beginnining of the End by William Phillips

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Michael Sharpe, an experienced military and aviation author, has put together an interesting and diverse selection of images from some 60 artists spanning World War One to the Space Shuttle. The artists range from the internationally famous like Robert Taylor to those relatively unknown, whose work will be new to most readers. The author has not only tried to tell the story of the aeroplane through art but also the history of aviation art itself as a genre. To this end there are included a number of contemporary early works painted during World War One that are going to appear somewhat loose in style to readers used to the precision approach that is currently the trend. It should be remembered though that these early aviation artists were heavily influenced by the Expressionist movement of the time and in any case did not have access to the high quality photographic references that artists enjoy today.

After an introduction in which the author discusses the history of aviation art the images are presented chronologically by subject with plenty of supporting text. It is a shame that there is not more information on the paintings themselves and the contributing artists, however all in all this is good selection of images, styles and subjects that should have something for everyone. Production is good and very few of the images span the span, and in all represents good value for money.

Von Richthofen

Von Richthofen by Troy White

This is No Time to
lose an Engine

This is No Time to Lose an Engine by Craig Kodera
The A Team by Craig Kodera

JG54 Green Hearts

JG54 Green Hearts by Jerry Crandall

Airstrike Over West

Airstrike Over West Falkland by Robert Taylor

Reviewer’s Pick
Superbly executed and very clever use of contrast in The A Team by Craig Kodera.

All images copyright the individual artists or publishers.

Aviation Art - Michael Sharpe

First Strike on Berlin

First Strike on Berlin by Nicolas Trudgian

Hunter in the Night

Hunter in the Night by Rich Ruhman

The Professionals

The Professionals by Jim Dietz

Hitting the Kwai

Hitting the Kwai by Craig Kodera





World War III


Word War I


Post War


Between The Wars



Publishing Information - First Edition (hardback)

Publisher: PRC Publishing

ISBN: 0-86288-168-4 

Released: 1998

Size: 11.5 x 10.5 inches

Pages: 208

Colour images: 178

Publishing Information - Second Edition (hardback)

Publisher: Greenwhich Editions

ISBN: 0-86288-168-4 

Released: 1999

Size: 11.5 x 10.5 inches

Pages: 208

Colour images: 178


All editions:

Out of print, only available on the secondary market.

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