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Artist Profiles

For your interest and information we have prepared short profiles of several of the leading artists whose work is featured in the prints and books included on this and our sister sites.

Robert Bailey

Tuskegee Trigger Time by Robert Bailey

Craig Kodera

This Is No Time To Lose An Engine by Craig Kodera

Philip West

Return of The Bounty Hunters by Philip West

Michael Turner

Eagles Over The Channel by Michael Turner

Robert Taylor

American Eagles by Robert Taylor

William Phillips

Those Last Critical Moments by William Phillips

Keith Woodcock

On Finals for Christmas by Keith Woodcock

Frank Wootton

The First Non-Stop Transatlantic Flight by Frank Wootton

Stephen Brown

Pinpoint Navigation by Stephen Brown

Michael Rondot

Coup De Gras by Michael Rondot

Keith Ferris

Too Little Too Late by Keith Ferris

James Dietz

To The Victor by James Dietz

Gerald Coulson

First Light by Gerald Coulson

Nicolas Trudgian

Squadron Scramble by Nicolas Trudgian

John Young

Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby by John Young

All images copyright the artists.

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